About Us

We thought that the best way to describe us is from the point of view of one of our patients.
The speech below was given by Ms O'Driscoll during the award ceremony of the RCGP to the practice.
We thank Ms O'Driscoll for the rewarding appreciative words which we think tell a good story about us as a practice.

"I would like to nominate 40-42 Kingsway surgery, Waterloo, for the practice team / GP surgery and practice manager award. The reason for doing this is because this surgery does not do extraordinary things but does the ordinary extraordinarily well. Many patients are elderly and families who have been attending all of their lives and trust the team completely. Appointments are available for present and future booking and generally with your own doctor which means that continuity of care is excellent. In 17 years of being a patient, I have only been allocated to a GP other than my named doctor twice when he was away. This is not unusual. Telephone consultations are available with the GP if too ill or bug laden to attend the surgery. The team consists of a Practice manager, GPs, practice nurses and friendly and efficient receptionists. Being a small team means that the atmosphere is homely, familiar and supportive to the increasingly elderly population. Two of the doctors have been at the surgery since I began attending and also cared for my parents.
The stable presence of long-term staff is a testament to how the staff feels about working at the surgery and their job satisfaction. This reflects the leadership of the centre manager and the efficiency of the support team. The practice achieves good percentages on initiatives like flu vaccines thanks to the team of practice nurses who become important to patients with long term conditions. From the initial reception, whether face to face or on the phone, to the consultation the ethos of teamwork is evident.

In all my years of visiting the surgery and my parents before me, it has always shown concern and good judgment over care. In my own family, the end of life support could not be bettered. This surgery is patient centred and should be preserved and recognised under the “small is beautiful” banner that many patients prefer. There is a patient group which informs the practice management team. I know that at present it is under threat as encouragement that bigger is better is continuing. The centre is fighting a battle for the patients in the face of “progress”. I am afraid that surgeries like this may be extinct in a few years time and that would be to the detriment of patient care."

Muriel O’Driscoll