Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Patient Survey Results



In 2022 we carried out a survey with Sefton CCG regarding patient access.  From the results we received the practice have assessed the responses and made appropriate changes and have developed an action plan to address patient concerns.  Below is a summary of the issues raised.

Ringing at 8am and not being able to get through and when they do no appointments.

We have increased the number of staff available at 8am to answer calls. We have also trained our staff to triage calls so patients can be signposted to the appropriate service when there are no appointments left at the practice.

Patients preferred timed appointments and face to face

We have now introduced all face-to-face consultations, however, if a patient still prefers a telephone call, and it is clinically safe for the consultation to be carried in this way, then we will change the appointment to whatever suits the patient. 

Phone system needs updating to queuing system.

Unfortunately, our current contract runs for another 3 years but we are hoping to move to a new system earlier than that date.  We would urge patients to keep trying to contact the practice so we can triage their call and hopefully, even if no appointments are left, we can signpost them to another service who may be able to help you.

ECONSULT – Easy to use but longwinded – some not know about the service – majority liked the service, however, but did not like the number of questions.

We are moving to a new service in the next few months and hopefully this will be more user friendly.

Triage – patients do not like telling receptionist symptoms–

We have added a page on our website explaining the reasons for triage, a brief reason will help you be signposted to the correct service and may help you resolve your health issues earlier.


Website Information

The majority of patients liked the website; however, this has completely changed since this survey, and we hope it is now easier to navigate.