Your Appointments

Appointments are available daily.

 It would be helpful if you assist our receptionist in triaging the calls by giving a brief summary of your condition.

Your initial appointment will be a telephone consultation with a GP who will then decide if they are able to treat you without a face to face appointment.  If, however, they do need to see you then you will be invited to attend the practice.

Face to face appointments

If you are invited to attend the practice please ensure the following

  • You wear a mask or face covering
  • You arrive as close to your appointment time as possible
  • You do not bring anyone with you to the appointment,  if this is not possible please discuss with the Receptionist or GP

Multiple Complaints
Patients are encouraged to present with one problem when seeing doctors as the time per appointment is limited. This is particularly important when the appointment is booked as an emergency. However, doctors do understand that there might be occasions when it is difficult for patients to know which problem to choose from the list to discuss or that the long list of problems might all be connected. Sometimes it might be a need to catch up when it has been a long time since the last visit to the doctor. 

In any case, it does help the doctor, in order to manage the consultation, when patients present all the problems at the beginning of the consultation. The doctor might choose to pick up the problem that medically needs the most immediate attention and ask the patient to rebook an appointment for the problems that can safely wait. A little list or aide memoire written in anticipation and presented at the start of the consultation helps to avoid the last minute ‘while I am here doc’ comment that might actually be the symptom that is the most important and that the doctor could be more interested in exploring. 

Missed Appointments
It is incredibly important that you don't repeatedly miss appointments and that if you cannot make your appointment you let us know at the earliest possible oppourtunity, no later than 24 hours before your appointment. 

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